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"Wait on the Lord" (But Seriously...Hurry up, God!)

Updated: Apr 22

We had talked openly with our kids for years about maybe moving to Texas one day. We drove down to visit my family there a few times a year. My husband and kids fell in love with the Lone Star State (I'd live forever in the mountains!). So this move wasn't very shocking to them. Like any good parent would do, I spent the next few months doing damage control. I worried about them, their hearts, and wanted to give them my best despite struggling myself. We arrived in Texas & spent 2 months just hanging, having open conversations, going bowling, and playing in my parents pool. The kids and I visited museums, played outside, and spent our nights sleeping together and watching movies. No timeline, no pressures, just decompressing. My only goal was for them to feel low stress and safe.

It's really hard being a parent while you're on your own personal healing journey. I have so much understanding now that I honestly did not have before. I'll just say it- I cast way less judgement. I get it. And what I've learned finally, is that kids don't need us to have all the answers. Kids that feel safe and loved can do the hard things with their parents support. "Jesus walks with us through the valleys" was my approach on how to handle that situation with my children. I didn't give them big answers or plans or explanations. But I tried my best to give them what God gave me; His presence. I'm no parenting expert, but looking back I now feel really proud of how I managed to provide physical and emotional safety for my kids during a really personally stressful time.

Unfortunately, Texas was a bust. We spend 2 months in Texas only to turn around and head back to the mountains. It became extremely obvious to Robert and I that we were not supposed to be in Texas. Practically flashing signs. I asked God to make his plan obvious and he did. We both felt it and were in total agreement. When Robert and I agree easily then that's 100% conformation its the right decision, because those times were rare.

"Hey, God. Did you forget I have kids?! Come on, man. Whats the plan? They don't need this right now" God and I had a lot of conversations and they weren't very graceful on my part. Let's just say, I didn't hold back.

I couldn't believe we were going back to North Carolina. The fear of man took hold of me and I was burried in upmost embarrassment. Moving back to Black Mountain, living in an Air Bnb for half a year, all while I couldn't give people an answer. I also didn't open up and tell any details, because I couldn't handle exposing any vulnerability. It was a lonely time. There was some condescending advice, "When I make a plan, I stick to it." Not helpful.

But there were also three close friends who were my lifeline. Women full of grace, kindness, and understanding. They prayed for me, alone and even on the phone. They know who they are and I cherish them dearly!

That six months in an Air Bnb was the hardest time in my entire life. Our animals were staying at neighboring farms and my ability to remain flexible was at zerrrroooooooo. Don't forget, we were still earning how to raise a non verbal, non mobile, special needs kid. That alone is hard enough, I'll be honest. I needed a plan. My husband and I were 100% at our breaking point. In my daily conversations with God, I "got ungraceful with Him again"...if you know what I mean. Yikes. Not Cute.

Why write this blog? Well this blog is what you don't see on our Olive Branch Cattle Co social media. I feel a little guilty sometimes posting picture perfect videos. My fear is people watching our videos, will compare their lives to ours and think we just have it all together. We portray a happy family, loving life on the farm and spreading farm cheer to all who visit. And guess what? All that is true. We are a happy family! We absolutely love life on the farm. We take so much joy in sharing our lifestyle with the community. We finally made it to this beautiful season. But there were some really challenging moments since 2020 and it took a lot of lows, letting go and grace to get here.

The journey to Olive Branch Cattle Co literally almost broke my husband and I. And now we work together each farm event, supporting each other, and cheering each other on. I'm so thankful we never gave up on each other, never gave up on following God's path for us, and managed the waiting on God season. We managed the balance of putting in alot of effort while also very much letting go. I hope this is an encouragment to anyone who can relate.

I have the privilege to support and honor the special needs community- I will never take that for granted. And every day for the last 11 months that Olive Branch Cattle Co has been opened, we both feel God encouraging us and guiding our steps. There is no better feeling!

Wether we are open for 1 year, 5 years, or 50 years, this is where our family is supposed to be and we are grateful. Thank you God for showing us you don't need perfect people. Perfect people don't exist. All God wanted was for us to be willing and wait.

In 2020, we picked out Olive's name it was after reading the story of Noahs Ark. That good ol' Olive branch. I guess it just just got to me.

Olive brought us to this beautiful part of our journey. Thank you Father for Olive's life.

Olive Branch Cattle Co. established 2023.

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Jun 10

Just finished reading your family’s story and it’s just beautiful. Beautiful imperfection. I thank God all day every day for his grace, his perfect love, hope and peace through every moment whether high or low. I’ve never read a blog but my cousin sent me a link to your special needs day and I ended up reading this. Meant to be. Thank you for sharing!! :)))

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